At we are always thinking about new and innovative ways to use our food trailers.

On this page you will find a number of trailer concepts that we have put together for you.

If you want the trailer to be decorated differently, please look at “”assemble it yourself”” or send us an email, we will take care of it

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Pizza Trailer Concept

Pizza trailer Concept with Pizza Oven wood and gas version
Immediately on the road with a complete pizza food trailer
Pizzas on the road, ready to eat
Pizzas on the road, ready to eat
High distinctive character

Exclusive 2800 Trailer complete with Pizza Alfa Forni Gas/Wood Oven

Model Alfa Forni Brio


Unique hybrid oven
Oven up to temperature in just 15 minutes
Bake the pizza in 90 seconds
Bake 2 pizzas at the same time
Bake 3 kg of bread at once
Offers more options for preserving entire preparations
Maximum temperature of 500°C
Color Alfa: red or black
Pizza capacity: 2
Bread capacity: 3kg
Fuel: Wood and gas
Number of users: 1 to 20
Maximum temperature: 500°C
Dimensions: 100x73x112 cm (lxwxh)
Baking surface: 70 x 50 cm
Weight: 90kg


Refrigerated counter with three doors and with salad bar, including 1/6 Gn containers

Gasbox built-in, connected and tested

Roof terminal and drain pipe for Pizza oven

Total price Complete Pizza Trailer
€. 19,900.00 excluding VAT


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Rest version see Exclusive (complete with stainless steel kitchen, hot and cold water tap, etc.)

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Why our foodtrailers?

Why our foodtrailers?


Overrun brake



Non-slip floor

Cool-freeze installation

Hamburger and Fries trailer

For making french fries and burgers on the road
Fast and Delicious
You can serve your clients on location.
It can be an extra service/experience for events.
It can be an extra service/experience for events.

Fast and Delicious

Trailer 2800 Exclusive


Hendi deep fryer electric 2 x 8 liters (2x 3500w)

Diamond griddle electric (3500W)

Two extractor hoods with stainless steel rear wall

Loose Fries container round

Four (4) groups electrical connection outside 220V

Refrigerated counter with three (3) doors 1.8 meters

All inclusive price €. 16,500.00 excluding VAT.

(* if you have a foreign VAT number, VAT will be reverse-charged and no VAT will be charged)”””

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Together with our customers, we design custom food trailers that are all unique in their own way. From color to furnishing, everything can be adapted to your wishes!


We offer more than a wide range of food trailers of different shapes and sizes, so there is always a food trailer that suits your dream business. After choosing your food trailer, we can start the design process. Together we design a logo that fits perfectly with the product you sell and the atmosphere you want to radiate (an existing logo that can of course also be supplied). We also do the stickering and packing of the food trailer. We only use products and materials of the highest quality, so you can be sure that you and your food trailer are safe on the road.


everyday an ICEcreamday

An ICE Trailer, eyecather for every one
When its hot you be cold
You can serve your clients on location.
It can be an extra service/experience for events.
High distinctive character

Fast and Delicious

Trailer 2200 Exclusive


Ice cream display case with eight (8) 5 liter GN containers

Stock freezer for eight (8) GN containers

Spoon sink with tap (HACCP/FAVV)

Extractor hood with stainless steel wall and top table

Three (3) groups electrical connection outside 220V


Price completely complete €. 13,515.00

2800 mm Exclusive in version as described above

Price completely complete €. 15,000.00

Mentioned prices are exclusive of VAT

Trailers fully equipped with stainless steel cabinets, hot and cold water tap.

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